AirPods Pro vs Beats Studio 3: Which headphones are the best?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the new AirPods Pro headphones and how they compare to Beats Studio 3 headphones.

Some people swear by Apple and think that AirPods Pro is the best thing since sliced bread, while others prefer the sound quality and features of Beats Studio 3.

Airpods are more comfortable, portable and have water resistance while beats studio 3 have better sound quality and battery life.

In this blog post, we will compare airpods pro vs beats studio 3 in terms of sound quality, transparency, noise canceling, extra features, and more.

So which is the better sound-producing device? Let’s find out!

Noise Cancellation

Airpods Pros are better at noise canceling then Beat Studio 3

Airpods Pro is good at canceling noise. It would be best if you tried them once to know how well they work. Put them in your ear, and squeeze the stem a little bit. You will be impressed at how much noise they cancel out. They are not just suitable for small earphones; they are one of the best compared to other headphones.

Now technically, the only headphones I consider to be better than Airpods Pro for noise canceling are the Sony WH1000X. They are extremely good at canceling noise because they are over-the-head headphones. So the design of Sony WH1000X gives them an advantage.

The Beats Studio 3 headphones have noise canceling capabilities as well. To turn it on, you must press the side buttons. Depending on how well it works, you may still hear some noise from the background. In my experience, these headphones’ noise cancellation wasn’t very impressive. They are over-the-head headphones and should be better at cancelling out unwanted noise by design, so I was disappointed in that aspect.

After many tests, i was of the view that concluded that the AirPods Pro is better at noise canceling than the Beats. There is about a 10 to 12 percent difference between them.

Studio 3 handles noise canceling uniquely. According to Beats, it’s a new and cool technology constantly adjusting and calibrating so it can restrict a lot of noise with different varieties of sound. But in my experience, I had the noise canceling on and working. However, after a while, I could hear some background noise. Then after another while, the noises got softer again.

Sound Transparency

Beat Studio 3 does not have a transparency mode like the Airpod Pro

The Air Pods pro are perfect when it comes to transparency. They let in sound from the outside world, just as if you weren’t wearing them. The Beats, on the other hand, do not have this feature. You can either have noise canceling on or off. But overall, the Beats Studio 3 cannot compare to the Air Pods pro regarding transparency.

Sound Quality

Airpods have good sound output, but they do not match the high-quality output of Beats Studio Pro

The Beats headphones previously had a bad reputation for having poor sound quality. A while back, Beats used to have high bass, which consumers did not always appreciate. I have always enjoyed listening to music with them. Since then, the Beats have improved significantly and have impressive sound quality.

I liked the bass of these headphones. Studio 3’s bass is suitable for music, and everything is more balanced; the bass does not overpower the mids and highs. All in all, they provide a good and high-quality music listening experience.

The Airpods provide a good listening experience and sound very good for earbuds. Unfortunately, they don’t match up to the level of Studio 3. The Beats sound noticeably better and fuller. It might be about 20 to 25% better than the Airpods.

Whenever I want to enjoy music, and I have to pick between the AirPods and the Studio 3s, I choose the Studio 3s every time without hesitation because they sound more expensive, fuller, and amplified version of the Airpod Pros.


Airpods are way more comfortable than Beats Studio 3

The headphones and Airpods differ the most regarding how they stay in your ears. The headphones can fall out when you make intense movements, but the Airpods will not. They are also very comfortable, and you can wear them for almost any workout.

Beats Studio 3, although comfortable to wear, the design of the over-the-head headset can not match the comfort that the Airpods provide.

Studio 3 can get uncomfortable if you have them on for long hours. I think this is because the ear cups are not too big. When you put them on, your ears start to run against the cups, becoming more uncomfortable over time. This is especially a problem if you try to lie down on your side, which increases its contact with your ears and makes them even more uncomfortable. With Airpods, you don’t have to worry about that problem.


Airpods are small and compact, but Beats Studio 3 is not

The Airpods are very small and portable, so you can take them wherever you go. The Studio 3s are foldable so that you can pack them quickly in a bag. But they don’t fit in your pockets like the Airpods.

Volume Settings

Volume control is better in Beat Studio 3

The volume control on the AirPods is not very good. You need your phone to adjust the volume, high or low. I’m not too fond of this because it is hard to change the volume.

The Studio 3s have better volume control because you can press volume up and down buttons on the outer side of the earcup.

Battery Indicator

Beat Studio 3 has a battery life indicator, but the Airpods do not.

You can’t see how much battery power is left on your Airpods Pro by looking at them. You can see how much battery power is left on your Apple device or an Android device with a special app. I couldn’t find a way to check the battery level on my Windows laptop, hence I’m not sure if Airpods would work with Windows for checking when it needs to be charged.

With Beats headphones, you can see the battery level on your Apple device, Android device, and Windows computer. You can also see how much battery power is left on the headphones. There are five lights that each represent 20% of the total amount of battery life, so it’s just an estimate. But it’s still nice to know roughly how much battery is left. This is an excellent feature to have.

Battery life and charging

The Beats headphones have good battery life. They last around 15 hours when you use them non-stop with noise canceling. That is why I never have to worry about the battery. A couple of minutes charge will give hours of use.

The Airpods have good battery life for earbuds but die faster than the Beats headphones. They last around 4 to 5 hours on non-stop listening, with noise canceling. After that, they need to go in the case, which fuels them up very quickly, and they can pop into the case about 4 to 5 times to charge from 0 to 100%. I find them dead in around 2 days when I use them regularly. Still, I do not have to worry about charging them because they support wireless charging.

Other Features

  • Airpods have water resistance. They have a water resistance rating of IPX 4, which is considered good. On the other hand, the Beats headphones are not waterproof.
  • You can attach the Beats headphones with PS4. They sound excellent when gaming. You can use an auxiliary cable to connect, which should work fine with the console. Wired connections are always better for gaming for a smoother experience. Similarly, you can use the beats studio 3 with PS5 as well.
  • Both AirPods and beats have microphones. They are pretty standard headphones and work as a mic should.

What I don’t like about these headphones.

In my experience, I did not find beats studio 3 to be very durable. I got some wear and tear signs on the inner side of the headphones just after a few months of use.

I didn’t have any issues with the Airpods yet, apart from an occasional squeaking sound when I am using them while laying on the bed.


So, AirPods pro vs beats studio 3, which headphone do you like?

If you are looking for something small, portable, comfortable, and good sound quality, AirPods is the way to go.

However, suppose you want impressive audio output, better battery life, a durable design, and extra features like gaming console compatibility. In that case, beats studio 3 is an obvious choice.

Both the headphones are good in their way, and it depends on your preferences which one you should buy.

I appreciate your time reading my AirPods pro vs beats studio 3 blog.

Let us know about your favorite headphone in the text box that you will find below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Airpods pro vs beats studio: Which headphone is the best?

Beats have better sound quality but Airpods are more comfortable. It really depends on your preferences.

What are the differences between airpods pro and beats studio?

Airpods are more comfortable, portable and have water resistance while beats have better sound quality and battery life.

Which features make airpods pro better than beats studio?

Some features that make airpods better than beats are their portability, comfort and water resistance.

How do I choose between airpods pro and beats studio?

It depends on your preferences. If you are looking for something small, portable, comfortable and with good sound quality, airpods are the way to go. However, if you want impressive audio output, better battery life, a durable design and extra features like a gaming console compatibility, beats studio is an obvious choice.

What are the pros and cons of airpods pro?

Some pros of airpods are that they are comfortable, portable and have water resistance. However, a con of airpods is that they have shorter battery life in comparison to beats.

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