best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors

The Best Shark Vacuum for Luxury Vinyl Plank floors

Looking for the best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors? You may want to consider the benefits of Shark vacuum cleaners.

One of the things that I enjoy about my home is the luxury vinyl plank floor. It’s a real conversation piece. I’ve had people tell me they were very impressed when they first walked into my house and saw the floor.

If you have vinyl flooring, it might be worth buying a suitable vacuum cleaner specifically for cleaning them. Shark has a range of high-quality vacuum cleaners that will give you a clean result.

If you are considering buying one, you can use our recommendations for the best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors.

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What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury Vinyl is a product made up of multiple layers of different materials. It’s a good choice for your home, especially if you have a large living room. It comes in different finishes, such as oiled, gloss, marbleized, and so on.

It is also a great material for any room in your home, including the kitchen or bathroom, that needs to be kept clean.

Luxury Vinyl has a multi-ply layer construction. These layers vary from 2 to 8 mm in thickness.

The thickness of the layers affects the weight of the floor, which is why you can choose a thickness that works for you. For example, a 3 mm thick floor is about as heavy as a ceramic tile.

My Recommendations for the best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors

Luxury vinyl planks floors are fairly easy to clean. You have to be careful while vacuuming otherwise your vacuum can leave scratches or marks on your floor. You should select a suitable vacuum for vinyl floors.

I have a five year old shark vacuum. It is my third Shark vacuum, and I am very happy with the results I get.

I have used and reviewed various other types and brands of vacuums. I recommend the best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors based on various factors.

Best Pick
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Shark Flex DuoClean Ultra-Light Upright Corded Vacuum

Shark Flex DuoClean HV391

Best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors


Extremely flexible

Easy to store

Lightweight design

Gives a polished finish to hardwood

Multi-surface cleaning


Vacuums head can get clogged

Some users may find assembling complicated

An ultra light vacuum that is extremely flexible and makes cleaning an effortless task.

The Shark Flex DuoClean is a corded upright vacuum with innovative dual-tool technology suitable for multi-surface cleaning and upholstery.

It is a lightweight model and weighs less than 10 lbs. It has powerful suction and an impressive range.

It can get around every corner of your house and pick up dirt and dust on your floor.

Key Features

This versatile vacuum can clean floors, carpets, upholstery, rugs, and more. 

With Shark Flex DuoClean Ultra-Light upright corded vacuum, you’ll enjoy superior performance with the ability to clean up large areas in just a single cleaning session.

The device features patented MultiFlex technology, which allows the wand to flex, making it easier to maneuver around furniture and corners. The MultiFlex wand enables you to fold it into a compact position for storage and travel, and it even converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

The flexible tool makes it easier to clean under furniture and remove pet hair from upholstery. The stiff brush is easily detached from the flexible tool for quick and deep cleaning.

The upholstery tool is very useful. You can use this tool to get stuck-on debris off of your sofa or other upholstery items.

best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors
Shark Flex DuoClean Tools

Cleaning Performance

The Shark Flex DuoClean can annihilate dirt or debris on any floor, including LVP or luxury vinyl plank, hardwood, high pile carpets, tiles, and even cars.

The vacuum has two brush rolls captured in one vacuum ahead. Moreover, the addition of multiflex technology enhances the device’s cleaning capability, reach, and maneuverability. 

It’s a full-size upright vacuum but when it is time to store, it can be folded to half its normal height. This makes storing it more compact and very easy. 

The Shark vacuum looks like a stick vacuum, but it is a full-sized upright with a built-in handheld vacuum.

The multiflex technology allows you to go under the bed and other furniture (even the low-profile ones) to get all the hidden dirt and put it in its place (the bin).

It has a complete anti-allergen system that comes in handy when you have pets or allergies. 

The flexibility in the wand extends the vacuum’s reach down the furniture without the need to rest your hand on the floor. 

The vacuum steamrolled everything within its path on the hard surface, even the big chunky particles like sand and cereal.

The vacuum could pick up all the particulates in its way, even the sticky ones. Once the cleaning is done, the surface not only looks clean but also gives a polished looked.

Our Opinion

This is one of my all-time favorite vacuum models.

In my view, the flex duo clean is the future of vacuuming. This vacuum is for everything from floor to ceiling and even car detailing.

This thing will steamroll dirt in your house. It has an excellent lightweight design, and the flex in the wand makes vacuuming easy.

This is one of the best shark vacuums for luxury vinyl plank floors.

Staff Pick
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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E

Runner up shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors


Powerful suction

Smooth swiveling

Large dust capacity

Complete floor to ceiling cleaning solution

HEPA filtration with sealed cup technology


Long hair gets tangled up in brush

Button to release hose is on lower side

This vacuum gets the job done with all the attachments and the lift-away technology from floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E is an upright vacuum cleaner ideal for both floor and upholstery cleaning. It is very easy to use, provides excellent performance, and does not produce much noise.

The dirt canister can hold almost 22 cups of dirt which means you can clean your whole house without emptying the bin.

Key Features 

The Shark Navigator with powered lift-away is equipped with advanced swivel steering for superior maneuverability in tight spaces.

It has a powerful motor and a bagless design. The motor produces less noise, and it doesn’t produce a lot of vibrations. It has powerful suction, and it can handle tough cleaning jobs.

The Navigator has a large, easy to clean dust cup and a one-touch lift-away feature. This makes it very easy to maneuver in the room. You can also easily store the dust cup in the upright vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum has a convenient telescoping handle and a swivel steering wheel. The steering wheel is very useful for easy maneuvering in any room.

It has HEPA filters, meaning it can remove even the smallest particles of dust and dirt.

Cleaning Performance

The Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner is a complete floor to ceiling cleaning system. It is a compact cleaning system that weighs only around 13.7 pounds.

It is designed with variable modes for hard floors and carpets. No matter what type of floor you have, the vacuum cleaner will perform exceptionally well due to its impressive suction power. 

vacuum for lvp floors
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Attachments

You can lift the canister to turn it into a handheld vacuum cleaner and use it anywhere you want. It comes with multiple accessories to clean every part of your home, including different types of floors, be it carpet, hardwood, or luxury vinyl floors.

The easy to use and flexible swivel technology with “no loss suction” enables you to get around and cover every part of your carpet, under the furniture, and hard to reach places.

The Shark vacuum can easily pick up all pet hair from low to medium pile carpets. The hard floor mode is suitable for hardwood and different types of vinyl, including luxury vinyl floors.

The test on hard floors with a mix of large and small debris resulted in almost all of the debris being sucked up in the vacuum.

Even with the full canister, the suction is so strong that I could pick up almost all of the large debris from your hard floors.

Pet owners are aware that their pets shed everywhere. This vacuum is designed to clean all areas of your home efficiently.

It has advanced features such as “no loss suction” which helps to remove all debris and pet hair stuck on your carpet fibers.

Our Opinion

In my view, the Shark Navigator is a versatile upright vacuum perfect for carpet and hard surface cleaning. It is a workhorse with strong suction, a big dirt canister, useful attachments, multiple cleaning modes, HEPA filtration, etc. It has always been exceptional in cleaning almost every floor type. 

The maneuverability of this vacuum is probably the best feature. It can easily clean difficult areas and tight spaces. If you want a vacuum that will make a difference in your home, the Shark Navigator lift-away should be on the top of your list. 

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Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1010AE 

Best shark robot vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors


Value for money

Sucks up heavier debris

Ideal for homes with pets

Huge bagless dirt bin

Excellent battery life


Sometimes misses a few spots

A self emptying bagless robot that can hold dirt for up to 45 days of vacuuming.

The Shark IQ is a robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans floors, carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces.

This model has several useful features. The Shark IQ can map the area and vacuum it in an organized row by row manner. It can also find obstacles such as wires, power cords, and furniture.

Key Features

The Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum is a bagless vacuum with self-emptying technology. It has a huge dirt capacity that allows you to store up to 45 days of debris.

The Shark IQ vacuum cleaner can be remotely controlled with the Shark Clean app. The device has voice control support with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The vacuum has a special multi-surface brush roll that can clean hard floors and carpets. You can take out most debris, pet hair, and dander in a single cleaning session. It is easy to control and navigate.

The Shark IQ can perform well even if there are obstacles. It comes with additional side brushes and filters.

Best shark robot vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors
Shark IQ Robot

Cleaning Performance

This Shark robot vacuum has a camera for smart navigation. The predecessor models to this vacuum were based on random navigation.

This vacuum can map your home and clean them in straight lines (almost) while taking care of any obstacles on the way. 

The vacuum has self-empty features, which means that when the cleaner docks, a small machine in the docking station sucks out all the contents of the dustbin that the vacuum collected.

This unit does not require much manual intervention, so you clean your home effortlessly. You can schedule the cleaning sessions and don’t even have to be home! The charging dock has a bagless dirt container you can clean after weeks. 

The vacuum has a suction power of 20 CFM, which is impressive for a robot vacuum. The vacuum can easily pick up small and large debris from carpet, hard floors, and vinyl plank floors. 

Even with the heavy type of debris like sand, the enhanced airflow of the shark IQ did very well. 

The vacuum has two side brushes, so the debris does not get scattered while cleaning. This is an effective way to furnish impressive cleaning results. 

I found Shark IQ to be effective on low-power settings as well. The sound emission was low in low-power settings, but the cleaning results were still very good.

The vacuum cleaned slowly and took care of all the dirt and pet hair from the floor. 

Shark IQ performed well in the medium and low pile carpets. It is capable of cleaning even the heavier particles from within the pile of your rug. 

Our Opinion

In my view, the Shark IQ vacuum has some serious features. The best thing about this vacuum is that it comes at a fraction of the price of its main competitor, i.e., the iRobot Roomba i7.

Shark robot vacuums are designed to clean the entire house with ease. 

Shak IQ is a good vacuum for luxury vinyl and can help clean your house. It will allow you to do most of the cleaning in a single session. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

It can automatically detect dirt and vacuum it up, which will help reduce the dust in your home. I like how the vacuum moves around on the floor following a pattern, so it does not leave any mess behind.

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Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum

Shark AI Robot Vacuum AV2501S

Best shark robot vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors


Self-emptying feature

Bagless design

App and voice support

Laser navigation for accuracy

Multi-purpose cleaning brushes


Gets loud when emptying

Long hair gets clogged on the wheels, and brush

A robot vacuum with incredible suction, self emptying capability and holds dirt for upto a month of vacuuming

It is one of the most reviewed Shark robot.

The Shark AV2501S is a robot vacuum designed for hard floors and carpets.

This vacuum has the Shark Clean app support, so you can schedule your cleaning tasks remotely and clean your home with much of your intervention.

The Shark Clean app works on iOS and android devices. 

Key Features

The Shark AI Robot Vacuum can map your home so you can clean your entire home quickly and accurately. It also cleans on demand, so you can set the timer and let the robot vacuum clean for you while you are away. 

The robot vacuum can adapt to your daily habits, so it will know when to leave your home. This robot vacuum also works without a power source so that you can use it anywhere. 

It is safe for your kids and pets. It is easy to operate. You can also control the robot vacuum through a smartphone and voice control. It has a built-in battery and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

shark robot vacuum with self empty base
Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum

With its built-in power, it can work for up to two hours. This robot vacuum can be used on any type of surface, including vinyl planks

It has a self-emptying feature that allows the robot vacuum to clean itself after it finishes a task.

This vacuum is equipped with laser navigation that helps the vacuum clean better and avoids obstacles while on the way. 

Shark robot vacuum has two side cleaning brushes, so it does not let debris get scattered away. The main brush roll has a hybrid design. It has blue rubberized flaps with alternating bristles. There is an additional brush on the cover as well. 

Cleaning Performance

The Shark AI is suitable for various types of floors. When used on medium pile carpet, we noted that the vacuum did not have any issues driving back and forth on the vacuum. The vacuum offers precise navigation, evident by its row-by-row cleaning pattern. 

Some spots required a second or third pass to be completely clean, especially with the larger and heavier debris. 

Multiple cleaning modes are available for the user, including normal, eco, and max settings. I didn’t find much difference between the settings while on carpets. I would suggest choosing any suction setting that suits your needs. 

The Shark AI also cleaned great on hardwood floors. The cleaning pattern is row-by-row, which ensures no part of your floor remains unchecked. 

The vacuum performed well on vinyl and tiled floors. It was able to pick up pet hair and debris effortlessly. 

When the robot vac was done cleaning, it returned to the charging base to auto-empty and recharge. 

Our Opinion

This robot vacuum is good because it can clean your whole home and has laser navigation. The laser navigation makes it very easy to clean your home.

The AI mapping capability does a good job of giving you a clean irrespective of the floor type. It learns areas where more attention is required.

I like this robot vacuum because it’s easy to use and has a bagless design. You can operate it by speaking into your phone.

Budget Pick
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Shark Sonic Duo

Shark Sonic Duo ZZ500

Best floor cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors


Easy steering

Lightweight design

Washable pads

Scrubs away stubborn dirt

Comes with ample cleaning solutions


Not a vacuum

Not good for deep-seated dirt

Not a vacuum, its a floor cleaner that can clean even the stickiest dirt from floors with a polished finished.

The Shark Sonic Duo is an excellent floor cleaner for LVP, hardwood floors, and carpets. It also cleans up the spots with ease.

The main features of this cleaner are the Sonic Scrubbing Technology, the 7 to 1 Concentrated Non-Toxic Gentle Cleaning Solutions, the microfiber washable pads, and the air glide maneuverability.

These features make the Shark Sonic Duo a good choice for families with kids or pets.

Key Features

The Shark Sonic Duo is a scrubber and not a vacuum cleaner. It does not suck in the dirt like a traditional vacuum cleaner. It is more of a pre-vacuum cleaner that removes stubborn dirt from your floor or carpets. 

The Shark Sonic gives you 1000 scrubs a minute that can extract stubborn dirt from any floor, including the stuff that sticks to the floors.

The Sonic Scrubbing technology combines high-pressure water jets and small agitators that help remove dirt from your floors. This technology allows the Sonic Duo to clean a larger surface area than other models.

The concentrated, non-toxic gentle cleaning solutions are available in multiple variants for different floors.

The Shark Sonic Duo cleans your floor and gives it a polished finish. The product comes with many washable microfiber cleaning pads that can be reused. 

shark floor cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors
Shark Sonic Duo Pads

It has air glide maneuverability that makes it super easy to use. If you are a senior person or someone with weak muscle strength, you will be glad how easy it is to steer this vacuum cleaner. 

Cleaning Performance

If you are tired of cleaning your floors by hand, this is the right product for you. We reviewed the Shark Sonic Duo vacuum cleaner, and the results were impressive.

The cleaning pad is easy to use and does not leave any residue. It was also easy to steer and made cleaning very easy.

We found no problems with the product or its functionality. It was especially good at cleaning vinyl planks.

Cleaning Time: It usually takes about fifteen minutes to clean one room. For instance, it takes us ten minutes to dust the furniture and five minutes to wipe down the walls.

If the area rug needs to be cleaned, it will take us ten minutes to scrub it. For the floor, it takes about eight minutes to clean the whole floor.

Carpet Cleaning: When used on area rugs, we found that the Shark Sonic Duo did a fantastic job cleaning our carpets. The cleaning pad was easy to change and did not leave marks on the floor.

Hard Floors: Similar results were observed while cleaning vinyl flooring. It leaves no residue. It picks up dirt and stains.

When it was used to clean the vinyl floor the first time, I used a damp cloth. After the first cleaning, it did not require any additional steps. It made it easier to clean the floor than we expected.

Our Opinion 

The Shark Sonic cleans by spraying the solution and scrubbing away the dirt with the Sonic technology powered head.

It is an excellent product if you want a very easy-to-use floor cleaner. The product is not messy, doesn’t leave sticky residue on the floors, and doesn’t stain.

I would recommend it to my friends. This is not a vacuum; you would still need a vacuum cleaner separately.

How to maintain vinyl plank floors?

LVP floors are durable. For them to last a full life span of around 10+ years, you need to keep them clean. You should vacuum regularly to remove any dust or dirt from the floor.

This is the best way to remove any surface dirt that might get into the cracks and crevices on the floor. It would be best to vacuum the floor at least once a week. The vacuum should be set to move at about one inch per pass. 

You should also wet clean the floor twice or three times a month. This will ensure that the floor looks cleaner and that you don’t have any problems with stains.

You can use crevice tools to remove the buildup that occurs over time. Moreover, a wet mop can also be used to clean the floor thoroughly.

What kind of vacuum is to be used on luxury plank flooring?

Three types of vacuums are generally used to clean vinyl plank floors.

The first one is the upright vacuum. This type of vacuum resembles the design of a traditional standing vacuum. It is suitable for most types of floors. However, it can only reach the edges and corners of the floor. You should change the brush roll after a while and check the direction that the vacuum is moving. 

The other type is the stick vacuum. They can cover a larger area as well. You should switch the brush roll after a while.

Then there are robotic vacuums. Robot vacuums are suitable for flat surfaces and come with various functionalities to suit different types of flooring.


There are many different types of vacuums available on the market today. This means that it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. To help you out, we’ve done the hard work and gone through all the options available for vinyl plank flooring so that you can make a well-informed decision.

We’ve also taken the time to tell you why we think each is a good option, as well as give you a bit of insight into the features of each product.

So, if you have LVP at your place, you can choose any of the vacuum cleaners that we have recommended. We hope the information we have given you will help you decide what kind of vacuum cleaner is the best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shark vacuum for the LVP floor?

Shark has various vacuum cleaners under its brand that suit LVP floors. Shark HV391 Flex Duo Clean is among the best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors.

Can you use shark vacmop on vinyl plank flooring?

Yes. You can use Shark VacuMop on vinyl plank floors. It will help you to clean without having to use chemicals.

Can you use a Shark steam mop on luxury vinyl flooring?

No. We do not recommend using a shark steam mop on luxury vinyl flooring. A steam mop can damage the surface of your vinyl floor. You can use a sponge or a damp towel.

Can you use regular vacuum cleaners on vinyl plank flooring?

You need to be careful and use lightweight vacuum that is suitable for vinyl floors. Some vacuum cleaners can leave marks or scratches on vinyl.

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