Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away – Powerful vacuum Affordable Price

Are you looking for a robust and reliable vacuum cleaner?

The Shark rotator powered lift away vacuum may be the perfect choice for you! This machine is packed with features to help make your cleaning experience easier and more efficient.

Shark NV752 has a motor-driven brush bar, HEPA filtration, and a 30-foot power chord – among other things. Weighing in at just over 15 pounds, it’s not too heavy to carry around, but it’s still powerful enough to get the job done.

So if you’re looking for a great all-around vacuum cleaner, the Shark NV752 may be just what you need!

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Powerful suction

Bagless vacuum with Headlights

HEPA filter with 2 pre-motor filters

Suitable for multiple types of floor including carpets

Can be used as an upright, canister, and handheld


Pet hair gets stuck to the brush rolls

Not lightweight


The following accessories come with this vacuum cleaner:

  • Dusting genie – an extendable brush crevice tool.
  • Pet upholstery tool with red velvet strips on the top and bottom ensures you don’t mark your upholstery.
  • Dusting brush for hard surfaces and upholstery.
  • True pet motorized brush for pet hair and loose debris. It has good suction power, and it’s pretty powerful.
  • Hard floor genie with a suction channel and microfiber pad. The microfiber pad is machine washable and reasonably simple to install. Just don’t use it on wet surfaces; it will work fine.
  • Accessories bag that makes storing this item very simple.
  • Canister caddy that converts the upright vacuum into a canister vacuum.

Cleaning Modes

The Shark rotator powered lift away upright vacuum cleaner is versatile. It can be an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister vacuum cleaner. And it also works as a handheld vacuum cleaner to some extent.

When using the vacuum upright, the nozzle is easy to move. Some people, like seniors or people with weak muscles, may find it a bit heavy and feel wrist strain. But you will get used to it over time.

A lift-away button lets you detach the canister from the assembly. You can then place it on the caddy until it clicks in. Now you have a canister vacuum that you can use however you need to. It might not be as mobile as a regular canister vacuum, but it works fine.

To raise the assembly in handheld mode, you need to pull the lift away button and push it again.

You can detach the assembly and carry it around with you for handheld mode. You can detach the vacuum nozzle and put a tool onto the handle. Now you have a great tool to clean your stairs or upholstery. You can also use the tool with the wand to reach farther.

shark vacuum nv752
Shark Vacuum NV752


The shark powered liftaway has various control buttons, including

  • Basic On/Off switch
  • Brush roll controls
  • Hard floor mode (the roll in the main nozzle doesn’t spin on the hard floor to ensure the debris doesn’t scatter and the floors don’t get scuffed)
  • Low Pile carpet mode (this will start the spinning of brush roll)
  • Thick carpet mode (Brush roll spins, and it opens the side vents on the vacuum to reduce the suction at the main nozzle. This allows you to maneuver the vacuum across thick carpet without pulling the carpet fiber)
  • The brush bar on the main nozzle is visible from a top angle. You can see if anything is wrapped around the brush. The vacuum has two bright headlights so you can clean in the dark.

A brush roll indicator light turns green to show when the brush roll is spinning. No matter what setting you have switched to, the brush roll will not spin when the vacuum is in an upright position. This feature prevents you from stopping the vacuum with the brush roll spinning and damaging your carpet by accident.

Vacuum Cleaner Tests

One test compared the Dyson DC65 upright vacuum to the shark true pet. Another reason to select a Dyson machine was that Shark is often compared to the cleaning standards of Dyson machines.

We put cereal on the floor to see how well different vacuums would clean it up. We found that the Dyson vacuum cleaner could remove 95% of the particles from the carpet. However, there was some debris left behind.

The Shark nv752 rotator powered lift away truepet vacuum cleaner did a better job than the Dyson and removed almost 97% of the debris from the carpet.

We did a test with some rice on the floor. The NV752 vacuum cleaner picked them all up in just 3 quick passes.

We also tried this vacuum cleaner on a low-pile carpet with a lot of dog hair. We found that it could clean all the pet hair in just four passes. The Shark NV752 with the motorized brush roll did an excellent job with pet hair and other thick particles. However, the brush roll required instant cleaning as many pet hairs got stuck.

The vacuum cleaner worked well when I vacuumed hard-to-reach places and tight corners. I noticed that the right side of the vacuum cleaner was better for reaching out and cleaning corners.

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Noise Levels

Noise level is essential for some people, especially if you have kids or older people in your house. We compared the noise level again with the Dyson DC65 upright vacuum.

We placed a digital sound meter approximately 3 feet away from each vacuum cleaner.

Brush Bar Off: We gathered the noise levels for Dyson DC 65 and the Shark NV752. The Dyson DC 65 produced 75 decibels of noise, whereas the NV752 emitted 73 decibels. As a result, the NV752 produces somewhat less sound.

Brush Bar ON: The noise level of the Dyson DC 65 was 80 decibels, whereas that of the NV752 was 78.6 decibels. As a result, the NV752 emits somewhat less noise.

Suction test:

We recorded the following findings while determining the suction power of

VacuumSuction Power
Dyson DC6526 kPA
Shark NV75225kPA
Shark NV752 suction comparison

As a result, we discovered that the Shark NV752 has somewhat reduced suction power than the Dyson DC 65.


The Shark NV752 is bagless. This means you don’t have to worry about buying bags, and it’s also easier to clean. To empty the dustbin, press the two buttons on the top of the assembly unit labeled “dust cup release.” The bin will then release, and you can dump the dust into the trash can. The Shark NV752 has a dust-holding capacity of about 2.6 liters.

shark rotator powered lift away nv752 review
Shark NV752 Dustbin


There are 3 filters in the NV752. 1 is a post-motor filter, and 2 are pre-motor filters. The filters can easily be accessed by removing the dust cup. The pre-motor filters, including the felt and foam filter, can be cleaned with water when they get dirty. The post-motor filter is a HEPA filter and can also be cleaned with water probably every 4 to 6 months, depending on how often you use the vacuum.

This vacuum cleaner has sealed cleaning technology. The air in the vacuum cleaner goes through a filtration system before it leaves the machine. So the allergens your vacuum cleaner sucks up are caught in the HEPA filters. The air that comes out is free of allergens and other particles, leaving your home almost allergen-free.

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Final Word:

Overall, we liked the Shark NV752 vacuum cleaner. We liked that it is very ergonomic with easy-to-use controls and many attachments. It is also effective on carpets and hard floors and has strong suction. However, it was noisy and did not have as much suction as we would have liked. Additionally, the cleaning reach is about 8 feet which helps reach high places or clean out spider webs.

The vacuum feels heavy on the wrists, so it might not suit elderly people with weak muscles. It can quickly suck shorter pet hair, but longer pet hair needs more effort.

The Shark Navigator NV752 is a great cleaner. It has a good warranty, and it is a powerful vacuum cleaner. You can use it for general cleaning.

Where to buy shark nv752?

You can buy the Shark NV752 by clicking the link above on this page.

What is the Shark nv752 weight?

The shark nv752 weighs about 15.0 pounds.

What is the shark rotator powered lift away cleaning path width?

The Cleaning path width of the Shark NV752 is about 12 inches.

How much does the shark NV752 cost?

Shark NV752 is close to $300 in price (prices may vary depending on location/ retailer etc).

What is the shark rotator powered lift away dustbin capacity?

The shark nv752 dustbin capacity is about 2.7 quarts.

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