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LG CordZero A9 Ultimate Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, you may consider purchasing an LG cordless stick vacuum. This article will review the LG cord zero a9, including information on its features and performance.

The cord zero a9 is LG’s flagship cordless stick vacuum and comes with impressive specs. It uses LG’s smart inverter motor, which promises powerful suction and longevity. Lg backs up this claim with a 10-year limited warranty. I’ve spent the past few days testing this product, and so far, I’m impressed. Stay tuned for my full review!

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LG CordZero A9 A907GMS


There are two types of a9 vacuum cleaners: the Ultimate and Kompressor. They both have the same motor, but the Kompressor has a larger battery, letting it run for 120 minutes. It also has a compressor, making cleaning dirt out of the bin easier.

The a9 ultimate uses two smaller batteries, so it only lasts for 80 minutes. My tests ran for about 43 minutes on one battery, meaning it would last for 86 minutes in total. This model has a standard dustbin, but because it doesn’t have the compressor lever, dirt volume is reduced to only 0.39 liters.


The model I have is the a9 ultimate model number a907gms. I chose it because it is cheaper and comes with all the tools I need for cleaning my whole house. These tools include a soft roller, a standard brush attachment, and three for cleaning above floors like tables, chairs, and furniture. My favorite of these tools is the power punch nozzle because it doesn’t use a traditional roller. Instead, this vibrating element in the middle works great for picking up long hair strands on upholstery.

I tried using it on several long strands, but none of them was left on the yellow rubber roller. All LG cordless vacuum cleaners with model number a9 will have a stealth docking station. This may be my favorite feature because it has slots to store up to three tools and can also charge two batteries simultaneously. This means you can use the vacuum cleaner while the second battery is recharged, which minimizes downtime.

The a9 has push button switches on the handle for easy access, and the handle position is in an optimal location behind the motor and not under it. This makes it more ergonomically pleasing to use for cleaning floors, even though it is top-heavy.

One issue with the handle placement is that it puts more pressure on the arm and wrist when cleaning high areas, like the ceiling. This isn’t much of a concern for areas like upholstery since the body is light enough.

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This vacuum is not as good as other higher-priced vacuums regarding airflow. The max airflow was 36 cfm, while other vacuums had 50 cfm or more. However, the suction power was better than some other high-end vacuums. It had a direct water lift gauge of 50 inches but did better with the unsealed tests using the y gauge at 22 inches which is better than the Dyson v11 torque drive v10 absolute and v8.


The cord zero a9 did surprisingly well, especially with surface debris. It picked up almost all of the waste on surfaces and carpets. It also did well-cleaning edges and tight corners. I’m impressed with the high-end agitation, especially with a standard brush.

This vacuum has excellent cleaning performance for a quarter-stick vacuum. It is as good as a Dyson v7 motorhead. Please note that I used the max settings for deep leaning tests, but the good news is it ran for 15 minutes in this setting per battery for 30 minutes from both batteries. This means it runs longer than a Dyson v15 detected in the max environment.

One of the features I like about this vacuum is that it has high-end debris pickup. I also like that it responds quickly to steering. I wasn’t expecting much from it because I thought its steering wouldn’t be smooth. Still, after extensive testing, I found that it does a pretty good job. It’s not as good as a Dyson, but it’s the closest among all the stick vacuums I’ve tested.

The cord zero a9 has a twisting mechanism that lets it go flat so you can clean underneath furniture. This is a good feature because it can easily clean low-clearance areas. Another underrated feature of the cord zero a9 is how well it picks up hair. This vacuum cleaner did an impressive job picking up strands of hair that were five, seven, nine, and eleven inches long. What surprised me most was that it did better on carpets than on hard surfaces.

The soft roller can wrap around the axle if it is used on long strands. This can make it hard to clean. However, the roller is detachable, which makes this easier. Another issue with the a9 ultimate is that hair sticks to the dustbin’s inner walls, even after cleaning it. You will have to use your fingers to pull it out or get a more expensive a9 compressor with the lever that pushes debris down. This is the perfect segue to the things I don’t like. The zero a9 has a five-layer filtration system that filters up to 99.99% of dust and dirt.

Filtration and Sound

The pre and post-motor filters on this vacuum cleaner are washable. However, it did not pass the fog test because it leaked in several areas. I was disappointed because the vacuum cleaner is priced as a premium product. I tested it several times using different tools and power settings, but it still leaked. Lastly, the noise levels were high. The cord zero A9 reached 70 decibels in both settings, with a maximum of 79 decibels.

Final Word

So if you’re looking for a great cordless stick vacuum cleaner that doesn’t break the bank, the LG Codezero a9 is worth considering. It performed very well in cleaning tests and has a decent run time. It has excellent features, like a detachable handheld unit and automatic cord rewind. Click on the link above to learn more about this vacuum, or head to our website to see the latest deals. Thanks for reading!

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