iRobot Roomba 805 Review & Assessment

If you’re looking for an automated vacuum cleaner that is efficient and durable, the iRobot Roomba 805 may be a good option for you. This device has several features that stand out from the competition, including the Aero Force 3-Stage cleaning performance system.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Roomba 805 to see if it is a good fit for your needs.

irobot Roomba 805 Review
Roomba 805 Review

Dirt sensors

Good filtration system

Decent battery life

Good with Pet hair

Fits easily under tight spaces

Schedule cleaning sessions up to 7x per week

Excellent navigation, avoids stairs and other drop-offs


Limited mapping

Not ideal for thick rugs

Dust container not large enough


Some of the key features of the iRobot Roomba 805 are briefed as follows

BatteryLithium-ion battery
FilterAero-Force High-Efficiency Filter (No HEPA filter)
Controller TypeRemote control
Navigations technologyiAdapt Navigation
Floor type All floor types
Battery life65 mins approx. on single charge
Cleaning system3-Stage Cleaning System
Recharge timeabout 3 hours
Dirt bin capacity0.6 liters
iRobot Roomba 805 specs

Cleaning schedule

As a busy homeowner, you might wonder if the iRobot Roomba 805 is right for you. Let me tell you, this little machine is a powerhouse for cleaning your home. One of my favorite features is the cleaning schedule.

You may schedule it to clean while you’re at work or on errands, and when you return home, your house will be spotless. The Roomba docking station is also great because it charges the machine and keeps it ready to go for its next cleaning session. All you have to do is empty the dustbin after each session.

The cleaning schedule feature is one of my most significant selling points, and I think it would be perfect for you too.

Let the iRobot Roomba do the cleaning while you’re busy with life.

You won’t regret it!

The artificial intelligence algorithms the Roomba uses make it a smart little machine that knows where to go and what spots need cleaning.

The robot is great at avoiding obstacles and knows when to recharge, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck under a chair or running out of battery life. For a medium-sized home or area, it takes around 30 minutes to clean the downstairs and 40 minutes to clean the sitting room. Once the recharge is required, the Roomba returns to its charging station by itself and prepares for its next cleaning session.

Roomba machines are ideal option for busy families wanting a clean house without lifting a finger! and the irobot 805 lives up to this promise.

Smart Navigation

The Roomba 805 has smart navigation, which means it can clean your home thoroughly and efficiently. Not only will this product map your home and create a cleaning plan, but it will ensure that not one area of your home is left neglected. This feature is EXTREMELY beneficial for those with multiple rooms in need of cleaners attention.

I noticed while it was cleaning that the robot cleans the room randomly. It usually wanders around the room. I would say that it does have some intelligence, but it seems a little random regarding cleaning patterns. However, it is not as random as the Roomba 530 Model.

The dirt sensors on the Roomba are also beneficial. When the machine detects dirt that it needs to pay attention to, it gives a little blue magnifying glass light indication located at the robot vacuum’s head. This helps you know when the Roomba has found something that needs to be cleaned up.

For tight corners that are hard to reach with a manual vacuum cleaner, the Roomba 805 iRobot can be a great option.

It’s able to clean under furniture and in other tight spaces. This can be helpful if you have pets that shed or just trying to keep your home as clean as possible.

Virtual Wall barriers

Virtual wall barriers are also included so you can keep the Roomba in certain rooms or areas of your home while it cleans. This can be helpful if you have a large home or multiple rooms that need to be cleaned. The dual-mode virtual wall barriers ensure that the robot stays in certain areas and doesn’t wander off into other areas of your home.

These particular barriers or lighthouses give out infrared signals that transmit to the vacuum to make sure that the vacuum cleans across a specific area and does not enter other restricted areas in the house.

Unfortunately, the Roomba can only clean upto three rooms at a time before returning to its docking station. The machine cannot make a whole map of your home, so it cannot avoid obstacles while coming back to its docking station. This is why you make sure that a little extra battery is left in the system to be able to reach its docking station before all the battery is drained from it.

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Cleaning System

The Aero force performance system is an excellent feature of the iRobot Roomba805. This machine has a 65% better performance ratio than older generations of Roomba. This means that your home will be cleaner with less effort.

There are two rubber rolls known as the Aero Force extractors. The manufacturer claims this machine has a performance cleaning system because of the three different cleaning systems.

  • The first system is the spinning cycle which cleans along the edges.
  • Next, it sweeps dust toward the main roller and spins to direct them with its suction power.
  • Finally, an ultra-high speed vacuum motor sucks up dirt, hair, and debris in the tiny little channel between the extractor.

iRobot Roomba 805 vs 980

You might wonder if the iRobot Roomba 980 is worth the extra money compared to the Roomba 805. The answer depends on your needs and budget. The main advantage of the 980 over the 805 is its smart navigation and cleaning performance. If you’re looking for a manual vacuum cleaner, the Roomba 980 is probably not worth the extra money.

However, if you’re looking for an automated cleaning machine that can do a great job, the Roomba 980 is worth considering. The Dirt Sensor on the Roomba 980 is also a nice feature, allowing it to avoid areas that are already clean.

The application support in the Roomba 980 is also a useful feature, allowing you to monitor your robot’s cleaning progress and see where it is on a map in your house.

iRobot Roomba 805 vs 980 cleaning performance scores up to 25% higher than the Roomba 805.

So, if you’re looking for an excellent cleaning machine, the Roomba 980 is worth considering. The Roomba 805 is a wonderful robot vacuum cleaner for those on a budget. You can be sure that your home will be clean and clutter-free, regardless of which model you pick.

Roomba 880 vs 805

So the Roomba 880 is better than the 805 in a few ways.

  • It has a more time-efficient cleaning pattern and can navigate around your home better.
  • Plus, it comes with a higher quality HEPA filter. The battery life is also much better on the Roomba880, so this would be the better choice if you have a larger home.
  • Finally, the dustbin on the Roomba880 is also more prominent, so you won’t have to empty it as often.

The iRobot Roomba 805, although an automated cleaning machine, doesn’t stand up well in comparison to the Roomba 880. The 880 simply cleans better and will save you time and hassle over a long period.

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Final Word

I would say that the iRobot Roomba805 is an excellent automated cleaning machine. Its Aero force performance system cleans 65% more efficiently than older models. It comes with two rubber rolls known as Aero Force extractors.

The only major downside is that it can only clean three rooms at a time before it needs to be recharged, but if your home is on the smaller side, then this probably won’t be an issue.

So if you’re looking for a great vacuum cleaner that will save you time and effort, I recommend the iRobot Roomba805.

If you have questions about the Roomba805 iRobot vacuum cleaner after reading this blog post, leave a comment below and I’ll answer them.

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