How to vacuum between car seats? Tips and Tricks

You’ve probably seen those commercials where the car is so clean that you can eat off the seats. While it’s unlikely that your vehicle will ever be that clean, there are some things you can do to make vacuuming it a bit easier.

In this article, I will share with you some tips and tricks that I used when vacuuming my leather car seats. I’ll also be sharing with you some ways to make your life easier and yield better results simultaneously.

So read on for more information on how to vacuum between car seats!

I like the Ridgid shop vac vacuum cleaner for tasks like this. I think it is a great vacuum even if your car has very soft and delicate seats like a BMW.

how to vacuum between car seats
Ridgid 50313 4000RV Wet/Dry Vacuum (Image: AMAZON)

I have noticed that many new cars including high-end models are designed for seating comfort. Many detailers don’t pay attention to this critical part of detailed cleaning. Some seats or parts of a seat usually move outward to adjust and compensate for a taller or long-legged person. So, there are always things and debris collected between the creases of the seats that usually come out when you vacuum.

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There are three tools that can be used to clean leather seats.

  • These tools include a crevice tool because it is excellent for getting between tiny spaces. This is the number one tool I have to attach to my vacuum.
  • Numbers two and three are tiny little shop-back attachments that are super small but very detailed. One looks like a miniature version of the crevice tool, and the other is a tiny detailed brush that hooks up to the vacuum.
small crevice tool
Shop Vac Micro-cleaning (Image: AMAZON)

Tip: If you are cleaning a high-end leather item, it is a good idea to sand down the end of the tool you are using. This is because the tool usually starts to fray at the end. When the plastic drags along the leather, if the tool has frayed ends, it can catch on the leather and pull it up from the seat.

Tips for Cleaning Car Seats

  • I use my large crevice tool to clean the big pieces of dirt and the smaller crevice tool to get in all the cracks and corners. I do this by pulling the seams apart with the smaller tool. This allows me to get all the dirt out. I can also do this with my large crevice tool, but the smaller one is more convenient because it can reach tighter spaces.
  • The next step is optional, but if you want to ensure that your leather seats are vacuumed well, use the mini brush tool. The bristles will help get in between the threads inside the seams and move everything out. You can then suck it up with the vacuum.

You will notice nothing between the seams when you follow all these steps, even if you pull them apart and press the seat down. The edges and tight spaces are also immaculate, with nothing stuck even in the tight spaces between the seats.

Some might think using all these tools to clean a car is too much, but I think it is worth it. I want to give my car a good clean. With these smaller tools, I can ensure the seats are correctly cleaned. This detailing always benefits you in terms of your car’s hygiene. It also makes your clients happy because they get good value for their money.

If you want to vacuum your leather car seats the right way, then make sure to follow these tips and tricks! Using the right tools and taking your time will make those seats look clean in no time.

So don’t hesitate to try it next time you’re ready to tackle this cleaning task.


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