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Comparison for the Superior: Bissell Big Green BG10 vs 86T3

Big green commercial bg10 and 86t3 are two of Bissell’s most popular carpet cleaners. They are considered to be two of the finest carpet vacuums in the industry. While bg10 is more expensive than 86t3, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily better. It just means that you get more at a greater cost.

To better understand each unit’s strengths, let’s dive into the debate about Bissell big green 86t3 vs bg10 carpet cleaning machines.

Who should buy Bissell bg10 or 86t3?

People want to own the best carpet cleaner available in the market today only without spending too much on it.

These units offer similar features and performance levels without burning too many bucks. The bg10 is a more studier machine, making it more suitable for daily commercial use, while the 86t3 is cheaper.

bg10 vs 86t3
Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10

Superior carpet cleaning performance


Efficient cleaning performance

Cheaper than a professional carpet cleaner

Detachable cord

Better built than 86T3


Accessory kit comes separately

bissell big green carpet cleaning machine 86t3
Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

Bissell big green carpet cleaner 86T3

Excellent Professional Carpet Cleaner


Great carpet cleaner

Cheaper than the BG10

Comes with an accessory kit

Longer warranty period


No detachable cord

Bg10 is equipped with a thicker gauge and 25-foot-long detachable cord, whereas the 86t3’s 25-foot-long cord is fixed to the machine.

The 86t3 comes with an accessory kit, while for Bg10, it needs to be purchased if required.

Comparison table

Product Dimensions20.5 x 11 x 42.25 inches‎ 20.5 x 11 x 42.25 inches
Item Weight48 pounds42 Pounds
Customer Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars
Dual Capacity TanksYesYes
Cleans Forward and BackwardYesYes
Commercial UseNot suitableYes
Hose and stain toolYesNo
Cleaning Path10.5 inch10 inch
SurfacesCarpets, upholstery, cars, stairsCarpets, upholstery, cars, stairs
BrushesExtra-large DirtLifter PowerBrushExtra-large DirtLifter PowerBrush
Comparison table BG10 vs 86T3

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Bissell BG10 vs 86T3: Which is the better Vacuum Cleaner?

Let’s talk about the different features of these carpet cleaning machines.


BG10 is Bissell’s more expensive carpet cleaner. However, you don’t get any flashy features or designs. It has a simple design, yet it has all the essential features for efficient carpet cleaning.

The lower assembly is designed so that the tank can sit on it, making BG10 more stable while cleaning.

The 86T3 is designed with a viewpoint to clean carpets. It does have some additional tools for other surfaces. However, it is a bit heavier than BG10.


The 86t3 is a bit heavier, making it difficult to use in some situations. You should probably avoid this cleaner if you have small children who might get hurt if the unit falls on them. It weighs around 48 pounds, and the bg10 weighs 42 pounds.

However, these units are designed to be lightweight for a commercial carpet cleaner so that you can easily maneuver them around your home or cleaning space without breaking your back.

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Adjustable Handle and Storage

Both the cleaning machines have foldable handles that provide the convenience of storage. The size and weight of these machines do require some additional storage space as compared to other compact vacuums designed for home use.

Bissell BG10 vs 86T3: Which one is more effective in cleaning?

The Bissell big green commercial bg10 is designed to make life easier for you. It has 2 water tanks, a 1.75-gallon solution tank, and a 2-gallon recovery tank. The unit has a unique feature where these tanks can easily be lifted from the extractor when it’s time to empty the dirty water by simply pulling the handle on the top.

The BG10 has a spinning brush roll that helps agitate the carpet fibers. This loosens embedded dirt and debris, making it easier for you to remove them from your carpets.

The bg10 is one of the best carpet cleaners if you have pets because it has a powerful suction that ensures that all pet hairs are sucked into its tank – making it easy to remove them after cleaning your carpets.

This cleaning machine operates quietly, which is good for you as well as for your neighbors. The 9-foot-long hose makes it a versatile cleaning appliance.

The Bissell big green carpet cleaning machine 86t3 provides you with all the essential features of a commercial-grade carpet cleaner. It is compatible with hose and hand tools, but it does not come with the unit.

If you’re searching for a vacuum designed purely for carpet cleaning, the Bissell BigGreen 86T3 appears to be an excellent option.

Both machines have two clean water tanks and dirty water tanks each with a holding capacity of over a gallon of water.

Floor types

The Bissell big green carpet cleaner 86t3 and bg10 can handle different types of carpet flooring.

BG10 uses less water, whereas the 86T3 has heavy-duty suction capability, so the carpets dry quickly when using any cleaning machines. Moreover, these cleaning appliances will assist you with upholstery, stairs, and car seat cleaning.

Both the cleaners are ideal for homes with pets.

Cleaning direction

These machines provide efficiency with forwarding and backward cleaning. Hence, you do not rework the area once you are through with it. This reduces the amount of your overall cleaning task. They clean the carpet floor from one edge to another.

The cleaning path of the Bissell big green carpet cleaning machine 86t3 is a little wider than that of bg10, which is about 10 inches wide.

Brush roll

The brush roll of these carpet cleaners is designed to deep clean carpets. The brush roll rotates at an impressive speed, effectively cleaning carpets without killing the fibers like some other units.

These cleaning appliances have motorized rotating brushers. The rotating brush roll in the BG10 is also easier to clean when compared to its counterpart. You will need to push a button and pull the bristles with the help of a release button. This makes it easier to maintain and keep in top working order.

Maintenance Requirements

The Bissell big green carpet cleaner BG10 is easier to maintain when compared to the 86T3. The brush roll on the BG10 can be removed easily for cleaning, saving you time and making maintenance easier. Although, you do not have to disassemble the unit to clean the brush roll on the 86T3.

BG10 belts are not as durable as those in the 86t3, especially after being changed several times. In this case, it makes more sense to go for the Bissell BigGreen 86t3 as it has a non-marking feature that keeps these belts from getting worn out too quickly. 

The 86t3 is designed with an easy-to-clean filtration system where all the collected dust particles are stored in one place. You do not have to disassemble the unit to clean the filters every time you use it.

Accessories bg10 vs 86t3

86T3 is the only unit that comes with its accessories. This makes it easier to clean upholstery as well as larger furniture pieces.

The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine BG10 has an accessory kit that includes more tools. You can use them on upholstery, stairs, steps, etc., making them versatile enough to be used every day without any issues.

Pros and cons of BG10 over 86T3

The BG10 comes with many features that make it an excellent choice for people. The rotating brush roll and detachable cord (when you push the unit down) are the two main features that stand out.

It is designed to be lightweight in comparison, so maneuvering it around your home should not be too difficult.

Pros and cons of 86T3 over BG10

The 86t3 comes with accessory attachments, while the same needs to be purchased separately for bg10. The attached tools make cleaning other floors and surfaces easier than the former.

On the other, 86t3 is heavier.


The bg10 and the 86t3 are essentially the same units. The BG10 is slightly more expensive than its counterpart and has a sturdier built-in comparison.

These units are not suitable for cleaning large carpeted areas. Their performance is optimum for a medium to small-sized carpeted area.

Bigger units or commercial-grade units work better when maintaining larger carpeted areas in homes. However, if you regularly clean your small to medium-sized carpets and want a lightweight unit that provides the same efficiency, the BG10 and 86T3 top the list.

Both Bissell big green professional carpet cleaner machines furnish similar results and are good for their price. We recommend getting Bissell 86T3 for homeowners looking for something lightweight, cheap, very efficient at removing tough stains from carpets, and a bigger warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 86T3 have 2 motors?

The BG10 and 86T3 have 2 motors. This makes them efficient carpet cleaners for pet hair and other tough-to-remove stains from your carpets.

Does the 86T3 come with a UV light?

No, the Bissell 86T3 does not come with a UV light. However, if you want to use this unit as an effective sanitizer for your furniture pieces and upholstery/carpeted areas at home, we recommend getting the Clean View 9595.

How do you clean a Bissell bg10?

Follow the instructions provided with your machine. Bissell recommends cleaning it after every five uses.

Can you use Bissell Big Green on hardwood floors?

Yes. Both the Bissell BigGreen 86T3 and BG10 are safe to use on hardwood floors, but you’ll need to switch off (unplug) the rotating brush roll. Doing this will ensure that your wood floor isn’t scratched or damaged in any other way.

Does Bissell offer replacement belts for bg10?

Yes, you can purchase new belts from Bissell’s online store or choice retail locations where their products are sold.

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